About Iowa City Legal in Iowa City

About Us

About Our Law Experience.

Iowa City Legal is Iowa City’s top personal injury service provider–we have a roster of top-notch legal professionals who are well versed in all things personal injury. Whether it’s a vehicle accident, dog bit, wrongful death, or more, Iowa City Legal is here for you, every time. We fully believe that every person’s situation is important and matters, which is why we devote ourselves to providing compassionate & strong personal injury services.

More About Us.

Who is Iowa City Legal ?

Currently located in Iowa City, IA.

Our goal is to operate a personal injury law firm in Iowa City where people can come for excellent personal injury law services, knowing that they’ll be taken care of, and not taken advantage of.

Personally, Iowa City Legal is full of Iowa City’s best personal injury lawyers–which means that we genuinely care for you & your situation. Iowa City is a beautiful and thriving city that we are honored to serve and be a part of. When you reach out to Iowa City Legal, you’re getting more than just your average personal injury lawyer, you’re getting the best services, and lawyers that care about you.

Our Values.

We like to get to know my clients beyond their cases.  Your story—why you’re making the claim, what led to it, where you would like to see it go, and most importantly, who you are—matters to us as much as the details of the case.

Part of a personal connection means being honest.  We maintain an open relationship with our clients where we feel comfortable advising them in the ways we know best, and we hope they feel they can be open with us as well.

No one comes to a personal injury lawyer because they’re having a great day. Iowa City Legal is going to be here for you from Day One, no matter what, and we won’t rest until we see you get the representation and compensation you deserve.

You need solid personal injury services, no matter what it takes.  Our firm operates on a contingency fee basis, which means we don’t get paid a thing until after we win for you.