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Wrongful Death Attorney in Iowa City

How Does a Wrongful Death Claim Work?

Wrongful death claims are one of the most serious kinds of lawsuits.  These claims are often brought against a defendant who has caused someone’s death, either through negligence or as a result of some intentional action.  Wrongful death claims allow the estate and/or those close to a deceased person to file a lawsuit against the party who is legally liable for the death.

What Qualifies As A Wrongful Death Claim?

Wrongful death is a legal term that may be defined by each state’s own “wrongful death statute.”

Generally, the following elements must be present:

Examples of a Wrongful Death Claim

Many wrongful death claims can share origins/terminology with other kinds of personal injury lawsuits, as often and unfortunately, a simple personal injury may lead to wrongful death.  

Some examples of wrongful death incidents include: 

Each of these cases can vary in scope and origin, so it’s important to get an experienced attorney for these kinds of personal injury cases.   

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Who Files A Wrongful Death Claim? 

A wrongful death claim is usually filed by the estate of the victim on behalf of survivors who had a relationship with the victim. Exactly who those survivors can be varies state-to-state.

In all states, a spouse may bring a wrongful death claim on behalf of his or her deceased spouse. Parents of minors may also bring a wrongful death claim if one of their children is killed, and minors can collect compensation over the death of a parent.

A Wrongful Death Lawyer Who Will Put You First - Iowa City Legal

A wrongful death lawsuit is one of the most sensitive and heartbreaking legal actions a loved one or friend can take on behalf of the decedent.  For that reason, you need a law firm that isn’t just offering up their services for a fee alone—you need someone who cares.

That’s who we are at Iowa City Legal; we’re a law firm that cares.  Someone who will take the time to sit down with you, discuss your legal claim in full, and we’ll get to know you through the process as well.  We want to make sure that you feel cared for and heard.  There are no time limits based on fee structure; we charge on a contingency basis, meaning that if you don’t win, we don’t charge.

So get the reasonable care and high-level personal injury law representation you deserve.  Get in touch with Iowa City Legal and schedule a free consultation today.


In need of a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you need personal injury representation from someone who will care about your case from start to finish, you’ve come to the right place.  Contact us here.

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Our Process.
Our process may look something like this...

Gather Evidence

We’ll take care of gathering evidence, such as the accident report, your medical records and bills, and any wage loss documentation.  We will also speak to any witnesses to the accident itself and get opinions from your medical providers that may be relevant to your case.

Send A Demand Letter

Once we’ve gathered all the requisite paperwork and your medical treatment is finished, we’ll send a demand letter to notify the other party we are seeking damages and begin the process of settlement negotiation.


After receiving an offer from the insurance company, your attorney will call you to discuss the offer and give their opinion as to what a fair settlement value for your claim would be. Your attorney will then negotiate with the adjuster based on that decision.  If the parties can agree on a final number, the case will be “settled” at this time.  This means that you agree to drop the case as long as the defendant pays the agreed amount of compensation.

File A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Whether or not you decide to take the insurance adjuster’s final offer is your decision, and you can take it or leave it.   Iowa City Legal will be there for you with guidance on whether the offer is fair or if it makes sense to continue with a lawsuit.

Personal Injury.

Negligence describes a situation in which a person acts in a careless (or “negligent”) manner, which results in someone else getting hurt or property being damaged.  Pursuing a claim of negligent actions is one of the most common routes for plaintiffs in a personal injury case.

Liability is the concept of fault, more so the idea of which party involved in any type of accident bears the responsibility for its occurrence. When someone is held liable for an accident or injury, they are deemed as the fault party, or simply the party responsible for the accident or injury.

There are a wide variety of injuries covered in personal injury law. Some of the common types include:
  • Car accidents.
  • Premise liability (injury caused on someone’s property, such as a slip and fall).
  • Medical negligence (caused by doctors, hospitals, or other healthcare providers).
  • Injuries caused by animals (such as dog bites).
  • Injuries caused by serving alcohol to someone (called dram shop laws).
  • Intentional injuries (such as assaults).
  • In most personal injury cases, there is usually a plaintiff and a defendant; however, sometimes, another person or business may be involved, depending on the complexity of the case.  

    What To Expect.

    What should I expect from my personal injury case?

    Possible medical expenses, calls from your insurance company, not to mention any emotional distress—you’ve got enough on your plate with your case.  The last thing you want to worry about is another financial burden, or if your attorney even knows your first name.  

    With us, consider those big firm worries a thing of the past.  We’re here to help you, in any way we can.  That means we personally get to know you, take your case with no money down, and we don’t see anything until we win.   

    Iowa City Legal is full of experienced lawyers, which means that over the years we’ve learned that the job can’t ever be about fees—it’s about getting injured people, you, the legal care, representation, and fair compensation you deserve, no matter what.

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    If you need personal injury representation from someone who will care about your case from start to finish, you’ve come to the right place.  Contact us here.